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Call US now (941) 840-2271



House, condo, apartment




•One time clean:

     •Spring clean/Deep clean

     •Special Occasion

Why Us?

We are dedicated to helping you keep your home clean & healthy. iClean is confident in our ability to deliver a service that meets or exceeds your expectations. We are flexible and want to work with your schedule and your needs. Whether it is just a one time clean or help over time with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning.

All iClean team members use a standardized checklist or we will work with you to create your own customized checklist. Either way, you can be assured that it will be followed during each visit to ensure consistent results and your satisfaction.


You found your new home, you are packed and ready to settle in. There is only one thing left, to clean. But, you are exhausted. Call us and we will take care of the cleaning for you. You will feel great knowing all that's left is for you to enjoy your new home.

Move Out

We work with landlords who need help with a mess left behind by the previous tenants. iClean will get your property in top shape to ensure you find your future tenants quickly.

We work with tenants to help ensure they get their deposit back. The small investment you make to put your rental back in top shape, probably cleaner than when you moved in will be worth the return.


Homes, condo, time-share, small resorts

•Turns/Back to backs.

•Post check in cleans (for extended stay guests).

•Deep cleans.

All iClean team members use a detailed checklist each and every time your property is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, to ensure consistency.

At iClean we understand the financial investment you have made and that your reputation is on the line. We also understand firsts impressions are everything. So, not only will your property be thoroughly cleaned, we pay great attention for detail and want your guests to feel welcomed. We do this by leaving bottled water in the fridge, leaving wrapped paper towels by the sink along with dish soap and dishwasher pods. In all the bathrooms the bath towels will be decoratively displayed, along with wrapped toilet paper and wrapped soap. Call us to ensure that your guests re-book and tell all their families and friends what a great experience they had.


All phases of post-construction and remodel

Have us clean your home or workplace after it has been built or remodeled. iClean will remove all construction debris, adhesive, dust build-up, and any other harmful particles. Windows in and out upon request.


Offices, stores, shops, churches




Rather than burdening your employees with the additional tasks of cleaning call iClean and let us take care of that. Let them focus on the duties you hired them to perform, allowing them to work at their full potential in a setting that is clean, comfortable and germ free.


20% off New customers

15% off seniors, veterans, military, and 1st responders

 Regular customer incentives offered.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards